新聞週報 Weekly Diary, No. 241 (10 – 16 March 2007) S.H.A.N Weekly Diary, No. 241 (10 – 16 March 2007) LOVE AND LIVE LONGER! US TO JUNTA: DON'T SAY I GIVE YOU NOTHING! WHITE SUNDAY CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED! BURMESE SMOG INVADES THAILAND! Think Piece Once, a great man landed at our place and a few of us went out to receive him. On our way to the town, some black dots appeared on the horizon. Someone said they must be the wolf pack roaming the countryside, and we made preparations to defend ourselves. The dots later became bigger and they were found to be human shapes and someone said they must be the robber band we'd heard talked about, so we put ourselves on higher alert. However, to our pleasant surprise, they turned out to be people who were waiting to welcome the great man who came with us. Likewise, we've been thinking and saying bad things about one another for some time, but when we meet to talk, we find that many of our views are identical. It will therefore be in the best of our interests, if we just do away with our preconceptions before each side has said its piece. Tu Tu Lay, Ethnic Nationalities Council representative, who was moderating the annual National Reconciliation 九份民宿 Programme consultation session, 7 March 2007 Adored people are happy people, and the happier they are, the longer and productive lives they read, says David Halpern, a senior policy advisor to the British government. To do yourself a favor, first do a favor for someone else. It could just save your life. The Guardian/The Nation, 13 March 2007 The World10 March 2007 Al Haj MuradThe Moros in Mindanao have been offered by Manila the right to self-determination, says Al Haj Murad, Moro rebel leader. (Reuters) 11 March 2007James Cameron'Titanic' director James Cameron, 52, who is known for love of detail and historical accuracy, says he has discovered a real-life tomb purportedly containing the bones of Jesus, as well as a neighboring chest said to hold the remains of his son, one Judah. (The Guardian/ The Nation)14 March 2007Khalid Sheik MohammedTop al-Qaeda operative Khalid Sheik Mohammed has admitted masterminding the 11 September attack on the US and a host of other plots, says Pentagon. He was captured in Pakistan in 2003. He compares bin Laden to George Washington. (AFP)15 March 2007 EU and Asian pledge to embark on a clo 賣屋ser partnership on security, climate change and trade. In 2005, EU exports to Asean totaled $ 59 billion and imports $ 94 billion. (AP) International Relations9 March 2007Blackout Burma will be hosting Asean plus 3: China, Japan and Northern Korea, 15-16 March, to discuss ways of enhancing renewable energy systems in Southeast Asia to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. (Irrawaddy) 11 March 2007The New Light of Myanmar reports the US has provided Burma with $ 600,000 worth of equipment for bird flu prevention. The assistance is being channeled through FAO. (Agencies/ Bangkok Post) 13 March 2007Min Ko NaingMin Ko Naing, key leader of the 88 Generation Students calls on UN to launch a fresh probe into alleged human rights abuses by the junta in honor of Phone Maw, who died during the uprising 19 years ago today. (AFP) 14 March 2007FM Nyan WinForeign ministers of European Union and Asean meet today in Nuremberg hoping to move towards a free trade deal between the two regions. Burma is represented by FM Nyan Win in the two-day meeting. (AFP) 14 March 2007S. RegupathyIndia has proposed to Pyinmana to cooperate on fencing 10 km of the Indo-Burma border, r 新成屋eports S. Regupathy, Minister of State of Home to the upper house. The fencing is deemed necessary to check rampant cross border crimes and insurgency. (Mizzima) 15 March 2007ICRC will close its Moulmein and Kengtung offices, says a statement released by the organization. Its work in Burma has now reached near-paralysis, according to Pierre Kraehenbuhl, the ICRC's director of operations. (Irrawaddy) 15 March 2007The New Light of Myanmar accuses a debate at the American center and an anti-government demonstration both of which took place on 22 February were more than coincidence. They were "illegal" activities inciting "public unrest and violence," it says. Ko Ko Gyi of the 88 Generation Students blames the information minister for "such inaccuracies". (Irrawaddy) It also accuses Washington of using the UN to install a "puppet government" in Burma. (AFP)15 March 2007Frank-Walter SteinmeierGerman FM Frank-Walter Steinmeier, EU-Asean meeting host, says conditions in Burma "are anything but satisfactory". (AP)16 March 2007U LwinU Lwin, NLD spokesman, hopes UN will soon find a replacement for Razali Ismail, who resigned as UN Special envoy to Burma in 2005. (Irr seoawaddy)16 March 2007 Border trade on the Indo-Burma border town of Moreh is at a standstill for the third day, following a ban called by civil organizations over reports of abduction by Burmese soldiers of 400 Kuki villagers on 13 March. (Mizzima)Thai-Burma Relations11 March 2007Islamic military in Thailand's deep south shoot dead 3 workers from Burma and behead one of them in Pattani. Four others seriously injured. (AFP) 12 March 2007Third Army commander Lt-Gen Jiradet Khotcharat troops have been deployed to help fight forest fire along the border. Soldiers have also been instructed to prevent Burmese troops taking advantage of the situation to attack the Shan State Army bases along the border. Bush fires have raged opposite Doi Kuteng Nayong (Pu Panya in Shan), a border area claimed by both countries. (Bangkok Post) 12 March 2007Forest fire at Ban Sampi across from Maesai has spread to Phataek and Huey Namrin villages. Some 12 acres of $ Thai forest razed. (INN) 13 March 2007For the past two weeks, Chiangmai residents has been living under threat of thick smoke that shrouds the northern provinces. Burning trash is liable to a 2,000 baht ($) fine with/ without 1 month jail term. T 小型辦公室he acceptable level of dust particles is 120 microgramme per cubic meter, but dust in Chiangmai is measured at 250.9 yesterday. (Bangkok Post) It reaches 284 today. (The Nation)15 March 2007 Wandee Suntiwutimetee, editor of a Chiangmai-based magazine, decides to leave Chiangmai until after the thick haze is gone. She and her son are suffering from sore eyes and breathing problems. (Bangkok Post)Politics/ Inside Burma9 March 2007Warned by the 22 February demonstration, the junta has issued directives to deal with any popular outbreaks. Unlike the 1988 uprising, the military will not be used except as a last resort. Initially, the USDA and People Power Holders will be sent to subdue the disturbance. If it fails, sabotage police will be dispatched to spread alarm and despondency among the rioters. Riot police, commanded by the Depayin butcher Col Than Han, will show up only as a second last choice. (NDD) Burma Lawyers Council, on the following day, calls for the neutrality of the police force – Editor 9 March 2007Kawthaung (Kawsawng) township NLD secretary Maung San, who was arrested on 7 March on suspicion of involvement in gun powder trafficking, sent to Rangoon. Authorities seized a few kg of g 建築設計unpowder from two biscuit cans on a jetty a day earlier. One can bore his name. (Narinjara) 11 March 200788 Generation Students launches White Sunday campaign in a show of solidarity with political detainees. Wearing white the activists plan to visit families of the inmates each Sunday. The campaigners have not fixed a closing date. (AFP/Mizzima) 12 March 2007 Three of Burma's 4 top leaders have been visiting hospitals in Singapore recently, triggering rumors about a possible change in leadership: Than Shwe may be in need of a heart operation Maung Aye, known to be an alcoholic, is suspected to be suffering from prostate cancer Soe Win may be suffering from leukemia and has asked for retirement The 4th man Thein Sein has a pacemaker. (Irrawaddy) 12 March 2007Dr Sui KharA 7-member Chin National Front delegation led by Dr Sui Khar, Joint General Secretary and Chief of External Affairs, leaves for the border to hold talks with the Burmese delegation led by Lt-Col Myint Thein and Major Zaw Min on 15 March in Rih, Chin State. The meeting has been mediated by the 17 member Peace and Tranquility Committee (PTC) formed by Chin Christian leaders on 13 June 1996. (Khonumtung News) 13 March 2007The ruling junta 賣房子 plans to tighten control of international humanitarian assistance through the creation of "coordination committees", according to the guidelines issued in February 2006. Members will be drawn from junta-backed organizations such as USDA. Some committees have already been formed at the township level, according to an NGO staffer. They will specially target the Three Diseases Fund, better known as 3 D Fund. (Irrawaddy) 13 March 2007Phone MawActivists in Thailand begins a three-day conference to honor Phone Maw, a fourth year engineering student at Rangoon Institute of Technology (RIT), whose death sparked students' unrest and nationwide pro-democracy uprising in 1988. (Mizzima) 13 March 2007 7 activists who were detained on 6 March over the 22 February protest released from Aung Thabye interrogation center late this evening. (Irrawaddy)Shans/ Shan State13 March 2007Sai LeunSai Leun, leader of Mongla, told by Lt-Gen Kyaw Win, Chief of Shan and Kayah states, to consider having a Burma Army presence in his area. (SHAN) It has already accepted customs and immigration officers since early 2006 – Editor 14 March 2007 Shan State Army spokesman says junta military have set fires to clear brush from areas surrounding bases for sec 結婚urity purposes. (Irrawaddy)Economy/ Business10 March 2007 Big local entrepreneurs in Burma gather in Rangoon for the 6th Annual General Meeting of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI). The foreign trade volume has reached $ 7.4 million in the 2006-2007 fiscal year. (Xinhua)Human Rights23 February 2007An escaped prisoner-frontline porter says only those inmates who can pay at least 70,000 kyat ($54) to prison authorities are exempted from being sent to the frontline. (Kantarawaddy Times) 5 March 2007Thwin Lin Aung, who is leaving for the United States on a scholarship, arrested at the airport. No reason has been given. (AFP) 9 March 2007Migrant Action Programme (MAP) is seeking support for migrant education to limit abuse by greedy employers. (IPS) 12 March 2007U Win Tin U Win Tin, 77, Burma's best known journalist-prisoner, reportedly met the Director General of the Prison Directorate recently: "Out of the 20 year sentence, I have spent 18 years in prison. According to prison laws, I am entitled for remission. I'm not begging you to release me, but simply demanding my rights." The DG allegedly admitted he had little knowledge about the care and therefore would have to consult with other a 關鍵字廣告uthorities. (BMA)Environment12 March 2007Forest fire and resultant smog have stopped flights to and from Tachilek, opposite Maesai, since 10 March. (Network Media Group) 14 March 2007500 Karen and Karenni people on the Thai-Burma border call on governments concerned to call off the megadam projects on the Salween. (Network Media Group) 14 March 2007 A total of 66 pheasants and 60 quails died at their farms in Rangoon on 12-13 March, reports New Light of Myanmar. (AFP)Drugs War8 March 2007Col Nerdah MyaCol Nerdah Mya, son of late Gen Bo Mya, who is on a visit to Norway, says sanctions appear to be effective. "There used to be about 600 soldiers in each battalion. But now there are only 100 soldiers." (DVB) 10 March 2007David TawKNU spokesman David Taw says 14 have been killed since the junta-DKBA attack began on 8 March: 10 Burmese and 4 Karens. Col Phanu Wacharopas, in charge of border districts, meanwhile says 300 people have fled across the border into Thailand. (AP) 12 March 2007 Victorious Glory, Burmese-Russian joint venture, is drilling for uranium in Hpakant township. Burma has been accused for bartering the ore to North Korea and Iran in return for missiles. (Kachin Post) http://www.shanland.org/weeklydiary/241/weekly-diary-no-241-10-2013-16-march 褐藻醣膠-2007  .
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